Are you ready to join Quiz Night XL?

ASML @ Quiz Night XL [sold out]

This year, 50 teams will once again take part in Quiz Night XL on behalf of ASML! Full teams consist of 5 players and will be seated together at one table. With our booking system, you can register 1 team using your official ASML email address. You will receive 1 ticket which is scannable 5 times: once for every team member.

At the moment, all 50 tables are fully booked. You can sign up for our waiting list to be informed about ticket availability. Please note that cancellations may occur quite late. You will be informed via email of any cancellation as soon as it occurs, at which point the first team to book the table that’s become available will have the opportunity to join Quiz Night XL.


During the booking process, you need to select the table where you would like to be seated during Quiz Night XL. This can’t be changed afterward.


We kindly ask you to submit your team name during the booking process. We won’t ask this again during the quiz. A team name can have a maximum of 25 characters including spaces and special characters. There’s no need to include ASML in the name – we will automatically add this to your team name.


  • Do you have a team of up to 5 players?
  • Available on June 8th?
  • Team name? (< 25 characters)
ASML tickets sold out

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