If you’re a first time visitor we can imagine you have some questions to ask! Please check these f.a.q. first. If you still have questions feel free to contact us.

Do I have a reserved table? Where can I find my table?

Free seating is not an option; every team participating has a reserved table. This can be found on your ticket! The team name (and company name if applicable) is registered to the voting box at that table therefore tables can’t be swapped or changed. Our hosts will be more than happy to help you find your table. You can also check out this map so you know in advance where you will be seated!

Can we participate with more or less than 5 players?

If you want to take part in Quiz Night XL you can buy a Team Ticket which guarantees you a table for 5 persons. Of course your team may consist of less than 5 players, but the more brains there are on your team, the more you will know! Teams with more than 5 players will not be allowed to participate. Your team-ticket offers entry for a maximum of 5 players.

Will it be possible to have dinner at Klokgebouw?

Yes, food and drinks will be available at the Food Area, from 5:30 PM until the quiz starts. During the quiz, you can order drinks and small snacks throughout the evening in the Quiz Area, using the Butlaroo ordering system.

Please note: Quiz Night XL is a non-cash event, all payments are done via bank card, credit card or iDeal direct debit (see for more information on payments the FAQ “how do I pay for drinks and food”?)

How do I pay for drinks and food?

You can order your drinks at your table using your smartphone. For this we’ll be using the Butlaroo app; Yes, that’s the same system they use at Down Town Gourmet Market in Eindhoven. Within the app you can choose from a large selection of drinks and snacks.

The Butlaroo app allows you to pay for your drinks/snacks within the app itself (online). Payments are made with iDeal (your bank app) or you can pay online with credit card. If you need security codes for payments, make sure to bring them.

Before the quiz starts, food and drinks are available at the Food Area, payments can be done with your bank card or credit card.

We first introduced the app during the 2019 edition of Quiz Night XL and we received some very positive responses to it. More info can be found in this news article we published about it on our website last year!

Can I check out the Quiz without actually being on a team?

Nope, sorry. Everyone in the building is either participating as a player or working as crew. We simply don’t have the space nor the means to create an area for spectators, unfortunately.

So what's at stake during Quiz Night XL?

What’s at stake you ask? Well, eternal fame & glory to start. See, winning Quiz Night XL is kind of a big thing, it means you’ve left the other 279 teams behind you! Naturally our overall winners will be rewarded in style during a live prize ceremony and they’ll be taking home a fantastic prize. In fact, the entire top 42 highest scoring teams will be taking home a prize. Curious? Check out all the cool prizes here.

What about parking at Klokgebouw?

Please check this page with all the relevant information about the location and parking.

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