We hope you all had fun at Quiz Night XL 2022!
Curious how many points you scored? Take a look at our final ranking!

And the winners are: ‘De Zesjescultuur’!

The champions of the 2018 edition emerged victorious once more this year, leaving the competition behind them with quite a large difference! Congratulations to Bart, Michiel, Roelof, Niels and Arjen, who claimed this victory on behalf of Philips!

The proud winners took home eternal fame and glory and a goody basket with an incredible array of prizes, including a Philips Sonicare Toothbrush, festival tickets, Sioux Beer and much, much more!

The top 3 was completed by Team Kokkelkids from TU/e) and Team ‘Srrwspvkntnkkvnntpdpp’ – which our hosts Maarten and Julinka very much enjoyed pronounced when they announced the top 3.

Final Ranking Quiz Night XL 2022

#TableTeam NameCompanyPoints
1R1-34De ZesjescultuurPhilips340,62
3R2-37Srrwspvkntnkkvnntpdpp 290,10
4R1-11The Usual ScientistsPhilips289,28
5R4-34Apps Rulez?ASML287,87
6R1-21Doomsday Support GroupPhilips287,39
7R4-18But better 284,59
9L4-32Top 1 clubASML279,54
11R3-3854e 267,31
12L3-36The uncontrollable loops TU/e266,35
13R4-13FET BoyzASML261,40
14L5-13UB Grand PrestigeTU/e259,35
15R3-24Tomahawks VSioux259,32
16L1-23Killer RabbitsVDL259,23
19R5-21A4J4 ASML256,37
20R1-33Spons Bob Blok BroekPhilips255,48
21R1-31Tegen Beter Weten In Philips253,84
22R2-27Forever2020 252,27
24R1-16Angels and Dem{c}ons Demcon249,76
25R6-15Winners in Concept NXP249,52
26L6-21WEB Stars WEB Eindhoven249,36
27L5-36To Be Determined TU/e247,84
28R6-26Fail FastVanderlande247,33
29R7-27Quiztie van geduld 246,31
30R2-17It's shit in a quantumpit 245,94
31L5-21Performance Troopers 1 ASML244,62
33L1-31A2 teamVDL242,28
34R2-21Donald DACCarbyon241,96
35R4-15Can I get a sarsaparilla? ASML241,63
36L6-26De PannenkoekenASML240,75
37L6-14Never Settel(s)Settels240,57
38R7-26De Butlaroo’s! Butlaroo239,72
39R4-17Thales fries your physics 237,81
42L4-25E=MC HammerTU/e236,09
43R6-18Mechanical Advantage 235,75
45R4-32Yield StarsASML234,65
46R6-23Who MI? MI Partners234,46
48R3-36Dreamteam 3Sioux232,31
49R1-32IP MattersPhilips232,31
50R2-38Newtons 5th Law 229,70
51L1-24No plan without a doubtVDL229,27
52R2-35 Aplysina Archeri E.AAE228,95
53R6-13 Where MI? MI Partners228,61
54R4-23 TokamattiesASML227,77
55L3-21 Project March Sioux227,54
56L5-17 TechUnitedTU/e227,44
57R6-16Kind DragonsVanderlande227,04
58R3-12 Slimoeni IngeniosiSioux226,46
59L5-32 Quizztionable IntellectASML226,11
60L4-36 QuizzlyBears TU/e225,93
61R1-38 Athena 225,70
62R3-16 Dreamteam 2 (Automaniac)Sioux225,64
63R2-18 Prespective Digital Twin 225,34
64L3-12 European FirstAid ManualTNO223,60
66R2-36Neways LegendsNeways223,08
67R5-36Mighty 1ASML222,99
68R3-37 DeltaPatents 222,80
69L5-34 Zero Facts GivenTU/e222,53
70R3-25 REMArkableSioux222,53
71L5-23 Neg-C TU/e221,49
72R6-38 SMART Photonics 2 221,14
73R2-11 DACcidental Victory Carbyon220,89
74R5-13 Relatively Obscure One ASML220,83
75R6-35ENTERstein Enter Group220,44
76L2-14 Wikkie Wakkie 2 DAF219,47
77L3-34 The GooglersTU/e218,99
78R1-26 DemconnaisseursDemcon218,90
79R7-23 Bosch RexRoth Bosch Rexroth218,38
80R5-17 Make Gears Great Again 218,22
81R3-11 S.L.I.M.O.E.N.B.O.T.S. Sioux217,56
82R7-21 De Zwakste Schakel Thermo Fisher217,35
83R3-31 Unhandled Exceptionals Sioux217,28
84R6-27 Mechanical Advantage 217,22
85L4-26 Neg-C 2.0TU/e217,12
86R4-16 I can’t decideASML217,00
87L3-14 Stuff TU/e215,70
88R4-22 DriftersASML215,42
89R7-14 Like a Bosch! Bosch Security Systems215,42
90R6-24 YOUNG! NXP Beasts NXP214,07
91R5-15 Red Hot Chili TECHers ASML214,03
92R5-27 OnePlanet 213,98
93R2-28 Forever2016 211,96
94L4-21Quality AblazeASML211,79
95R2-25 Altijd Antwoord E AAE211,17
96R1-13 How fascinating Philips210,98
97L1-32 10acious VDL210,70
98R1-12 WinnersPhilips210,65
99R4-31 ASML TitansASML210,35
100R4-24 M&MzzzASML210,19
101L7-11 Please enter team name Thermo Fisher208,68
102R1-17 WD40 and Duct tape 207,46
103L4-14 FruitbreakTU/e206,93
104R5-16 Simple Minds ASML206,22
105L3-11 Drop Tables Quiznight Sioux205,16
106R1-24 ART ChallengePhilips204,42
107R7-18 Suuske & Wiskhetmaar 204,06
108L2-13 De EpibreerdersDAF203,99
109L6-34 Whiskey Infused ACE Development202,84
110L1-26 Defective gang 202,03
111R3-15 De BovenslotersSioux200,96
112L5-31 WolvesASML200,18
113R5-33 Beats&Chips ASML199,44
114L5-12 2007ASML198,88
115R5-32 ChaturASML198,80
116R3-34 Beunhaas & CoSioux198,78
117L3-31 Brabant PowerTNO198,45
118R7-17 IdeallyVerySimple 198,01
119R4-25 For Many AnswersASML197,33
120L3-13 Competing with GraceTU/e197,30
121R1-28 Dionysius 196,76
122R1-15 LightHouse Demcon195,70
123L1-33 The Dirty BitsVDL195,34
125R1-14 Better with BeerPhilips195,17
126L4-37 MBxtremeTU/e194,44
127R4-36 Irresistible WafflesASML194,43
128R5-14 ASQASML194,34
129L1-11 The D-Team VDL194,03
130R7-24 Boschjesmannen Bosch Security Systems193,25
131L1-34 GL | ₩¡$€Ğu¥SVDL192,56
132R7-28 Fontys Heroes 191,92
133R2-13 C.R.E.W. 1 Brainport Development190,98
134R6-33 When MI? MI Partners190,89
135R5-18 Walter knows best 190,74
136L3-15 Guardians oftheChemistryTU/e190,69
137R5-34 CSCMSM ASML190,55
138L6-24 Talk Settels To Me Settels190,43
139R3-18 Sita Robotics 189,96
140L2-21 Team DAF 5DAF189,91
141L4-11 Litho Legends ASML189,90
142L2-23 What's in the name?DAF189,89
143R2-15 Gewoon AAEAAE189,79
144R6-34 What MI? MI Partners189,57
145R4-35 Patterned Waffles ASML189,53
146L3-22 TONOTNOTNO189,05
147L2-34 Nobleo 2Nobleo188,60
148R3-28 Sita Robotics 188,42
149L4-15 NanoplateletsTU/e188,31
150L4-16 CORETU/e187,24
151R4-14 kwistenbiebelASML186,90
152L2-12 DAF Engine TestingDAF186,69
153L5-14 JetaakjaanTU/e186,58
154L3-33 WeAreTUEChampionsTU/e185,11
155R7-12 Do not know yet Thermo Fisher184,62
156L6-32 ExperiMentals WEB Eindhoven184,37
157L2-32 Quiznight ExcelDAF184,06
158R7-11 Ultra X Thermo Fisher183,97
159R3-17 De Oplichters 183,61
160R5-23 Tech UnitedASML182,62
161L3-35Bubble tea(m)TU/e182,06
162R5-22 Flunch: Original TasteASML182,06
163L3-16 Alex teamTU/e181,36
165L2-31 MI MIself and IDAF180,83
166R5-26 ToolstarsASML180,49
167R2-31 De Dommel Divas 180,20
168R7-25 The Nine-to-Five WatchBosch Security Systems179,60
169R6-22 Philipine EaglesVogel's179,46
170L6-12 Los WEBONES WEB Eindhoven179,25
171L3-32 3D Binge DrinkingTNO178,71
172R7-16 Faster than Omicron Bosch Security Systems178,08
173L5-25 GRLPW (TU/e)TU/e177,54
174R1-22 Smart-ARTPhilips177,44
175L3-37 DropoutsTU/e177,06
176R5-37 Ormit Talent/Vlammrs 176,63
177R4-11 CarbondioxideASML176,22
178R3-22 Quiz ‘t Nie (Sioux)Sioux175,90
179R6-17 Team Mean Machine 175,76
180L2-24 Nobleo 1 Nobleo175,52
181R6-37 SMART Photonics 1 175,24
182L4-12 Alan's Tuning Interfaces ASML174,50
183L1-36 The 8vance musketeers 173,77
184R5-31 WaffalosASML173,47
185L1-16 Wet Juicy Brains 172,48
186R6-14 The System InnovatorsNXP172,34
187L1-12 Lets get Digital!VDL171,77
188R1-25 Pancetta e fagioliDemcon171,55
190R5-38 ES5jes 170,25
191R6-12 Birds of ParadiseVogel's170,05
192R4-26 VivaMexicoCabrones ASML169,22
193L6-11 CoffeeHeadsWEB Eindhoven169,08
194R6-25 YOUNG! NXP Tech HeroesNXP169,02
195R6-21 Inca Terns Vogel's168,58
196L2-22 Team DAF 6DAF167,70
197L6-15 Ready Settels Go Settels165,98
198L6-31 Grey MatterWEB Eindhoven165,69
199L5-27 BhadbabesTU/e162,35
200R1-37 Hatseflats 161,41
201L1-15 Venderion B.V.Venderion161,04
202R3-33 DreamteamSioux160,66
203L6-25 Let's Settels ThisSettels160,45
204R6-28 SMART Photonics 3 159,30
205L7-22 Cr^zy M!ndsEscape Room Eindhoven159,01
206R3-35 The QualifierSioux157,79
207L6-13Couffe-Aided Dancers ACE Development157,22
208R3-27Lumosa 157,19
209R4-21 Flat EarthersASML156,82
211R2-23 C.R.E.W. 2 Brainport Development156,53
212L2-33DAF Team 10DAF154,55
213R3-21Espresso SmartinisSioux154,48
214L4-17 MBxtremestTU/e150,42
215R5-28 TwoPlanets 150,09
216L1-21 Vur De LolVDL149,82
217L6-22 The Right Guess WEB Eindhoven148,17
218R2-24 Lekker met de meidenAAE212,56
219R1-27 GIS 147,99
220R2-26 Neways Master MindsNeways147,85
221L1-13Les QuizerablesVDL147,00
222L4-24 VCATU/e146,35
223R4-33 Random Engineers UniteASML144,95
224R2-32 Slimme BlondjesBrainport Industries144,57
225R2-16 Neways Project MastersNeways143,51
226R1-35 CapE TT 143,24
228L6-23Pies are square ACE Development142,60
229R3-14 Amazing CapybarasSioux142,13
230R7-13 Chronischer Bierdurst Bosch Rexroth141,94
231R2-14 Eindhoven 365 Eindhoven 365141,81
232R6-36 ENTERsonEnter Group141,14
233R7-15 Stronger than Delta Bosch Security Systems141,14
234R7-22 The Funky Scientists Thermo Fisher138,77
236R5-11 CanYouRepeatTheQuestionASML137,81
237L4-31 De PadellekesASML135,91
238R2-33Brainport IndustriesBrainport Industries135,56
239L6-33We're being paid for this (ACE Development135,49
240L1-25 Venderion GmbHVenderion133,86
241R6-11 Homing PigeonsVogel's133,69
242R2-12 Rabo Start- en Scaleup 1Rabobank133,28
243R6-31 Maribu StorksVogel's132,77
244R1-36 Neways MatadoresNeways131,97
245R3-32 DrankTeamMetQuizProbleemSioux131,22
246L7-12 Czech Czech Double Czech 130,13
247L2-26 The DED teamTU/e125,96
248L5-22 MamboJamboASML124,42
249L2-15 Henk & Co 124,15
250L4-23 Why Not?TU/e123,06
251R4-28 IT'S Service 122,79
252L7-21 Vragenfabriek 109,36
253R3-23 Epibrerenkunjeleren Sioux107,69
254R6-32Rhinoceros Hornbills Vogel's100,57
255L2-35 Super Bock TU/e96,51
256L1-35 Find Business B.V. Venderion80,93
257R0-01Good Times78,72