A quiz of this magnitude deserves some great prizes!
Sponsors from all around the Brainport region are chipping in to shower this year’s top 42 teams in wonderful prizes. Check out our amazing prizes and the partners who provided them for 2023

Quiz Night XL 2023 Prize Package

Winners of QNXL 2023!

Drumroll please… The sponsor of our incredible first prize of the 12th edition of Quiz Night XL is none other than Flash Ballooning!

Flash Ballooning is a small and intimate balloon company from the Eindhoven region. They prefer to fly with small groups of 2 to 5 passengers, ensuring they can give everyone the attention they deserve during this stunning experience. Flash Ballooning has several take-off locations. Depending on the wind direction, they choose the best spot to take off to give you the best view. After the balloon flight, Flash serves a glass of champagne, and all passengers receive a participation certificate. And, of course, you will get a ride back! 

If you get 1st place in the 12th edition of Quiz Night XL on June 8, you win this incredible experience for yourself and your team. May the best team win!

2nd place: Philips VIP experience

We’re excited to announce the prize for second place: an amazing VIP experience at PSV Stadium, courtesy of Philips! Philips needs no introduction. This icon of the Brainport region is all about innovations that are driven by consumer and customer needs. Their mission is to help people to live healthily and prevent disease, giving clinicians the tools they need to make a precise diagnosis and deliver personalized treatment. Because all of this hard work needs to be supported with some fun as well, they are sharing a super memorable experience with our silver medalists. Finish 2nd in Quiz Night XL on June 8, and you will join a PSV home match in September, stepping into the Frits Philips Lounge as a Philips VIP guest!

3rd place: Wish Outdoor tickets

Get ready for the crossover festival of the year… WiSH Outdoor on July 1st or 2nd, 2023. Step into a world of adventure and be amazed by the completely redesigned festival grounds.

Discover 4 worlds with hardstyle, urban, live, techno, guilty pleasures, and of course, the Dedicated outdoor main stage. You can expect 10+ majestic stages and an overwhelming lineup with 200+ artists.

One of our top ranking teams gets to celebrate their victory in a truly festive way! And this year you definitely want to be there, because WISH celebrates its 15th anniversary. We are already looking forward to it!

Restaurant Thym foodie package!

Say hello to our new sponsor: Restaurant Thym! The team who will finish 3rd will go home with a foodie package consisting of a gift voucher from Restaurant Thym worth €300,00, and several discount vouchers for Hotel Parkzicht, Hout, and Mr no Meat. We couldn’t be more excited to have them on board! Plan your next morning, afternoon, or night out, and celebrate your victory with some delicious food and drinks from Restaurant Thym. From early in the morning to late at night, from fresh croissants to a fine meal, from delicious coffee to Burgundian wines. You are always welcome at Thym.

Eindhoven City Brewery Masterclasses

Let us introduce you to an old friend of ours: Eindhoven City Brewery 100 Watt. We look forward to giving away 5 Masterclasses at Eindhoven City Brewery.

Eindhoven City Brewery will take you into the wonderul world of special beer. They are going to dive into the world of craft beer, the story of the brewery and its award-winning beers. In short, a cozy, beer-filled afternoon with a group of beer lovers that is dominated by only 1 thing: BEER! Bottoms up! We thank Eindhoven City Brewery for their generosity and look forward to making one of our winning teams extremely happy with this amazing prize!


Juichwijn translates to ‘cheer wine’ – a club for wine lovers, lovingly run by wine experts Claudia and Jeroen. A new selection of unique wines from all over Europe is made available to their members every season. Criteria for selection: each sip has to make you want to cheer!

One team of Quiz Night XL winners will get a Juichwijnen tasting box full of delicious wine! And they are even throwing in a one year membership for every member!

Eindje touren!

How cool is our new sponsor? Eindje Touren is the latest hit in Eindhoven. They are giving away a 3 hour tour on sustainable e-choppers for one of the winning teams of Quiz Night XL! Environmentally conscious and immediately on the road in style with your friends, family, or colleagues. With fantastic models and countless colors, they have something for everyone. Are you going for the tough Harl-E or the nostalgic Poeg? With a choice of 3 carefully planned routes, Eindje Touren will ensure you will ride the tour that suits you and your group perfectly.

The Park Playground VR experience

One team can immediately start planning their next night out in Eindhoven! The Park Playground will be sponsoring a team ticket for one of their outstanding VR experiences. The Park Playground Eindhoven takes teamwork to the next level. Together with your family, friends or colleagues, you go on an adventure in a lifelike virtual world. Your equipment: VR glasses and a futuristic controller or weapon for the VR experience. Discover one of the 2 open playing fields of 9 x 9 m while being immersed in virtual reality. Are you ready to play this very cool game?

City Tours Eindhoven!

Please give a warm welcome to City Tours Eindhoven, a company we already know from last year. City Tours Eindhoven offers 2 teams a tour on a E-Fatbike through Eindhoven. Discover how beautiful and green urban Eindhoven is! You will pass all the beautiful surroundings along the way on the environmentally friendly electric E-Fatbike. City Tours Eindhoven has received rave reviews from many satisfied customers. If you want to book a tour, you can do that on their website. But of course, it is much more fun to win it at Quiz Night XL on June 8. 

Eindhoven 365 merchandise

Like last year, we are happy to announce that Eindhoven 365 will be sponsoring Quiz Night XL again! Eindhoven 365 is a brand that’s committed to the city marketing of Eindhoven, and we’re honored to have them as our partner.

Eindhoven has become grander, more international, and enhanced by new residents, hotspots, and events. And Eindhoven365 has grown in step with these changes. This innovative city marketing organisation is giving away free high-quality caps to 2 teams of Quiz Night XL! You can even choose between colors: do you like the pink or black caps better?

Muziekgebouw Eindhoven

The always-loyal Muziekgebouw should definitely be included in this list of sponsors. Our collaboration will continue this year, and we are delighted to hand out 5 tickets for Jonathan Jeremiah at Quiz Night XL. Mark your calendar for August 27. After 3 years, English singer-songwriter Jonathan Jeremiah returns to Muziekgebouw Eindhoven! In 2020 Jonathan shared the stage with the 20-piece string orchestra Amsterdam Sinfonietta, but in August, he will show what he has to offer solo. His authentic and timeless sound combines acoustic R&B with folk-like soul sounds and is highly recommended for anyone who loves soul, blues, and the groove that goes with it.

3-course dinner at Carrousel

Restaurant Carrousel – home to Number 42’s weekly International Quiz Nights – is sponsoring a 3-course dinner in the heart of Eindhoven. Located right downtown at the popular Market Square you can find the charming Restaurant Carrousel. Perfect to end a day of shopping with an atmospheric dinner, to start your weekend with a nice lunch, or to warm up your night out with some cocktails. Come here on a Thursday evening, and you can enjoy our weekly quiz.

MOJOGEAR powerbanks

Exciting news! Especially for this year’s Quiz Night XL we’ve partnered with MOJOGEAR, a top-quality brand that offers a wide range of equipment and accessories for mobile makers. At MOJOGEAR you will find all the gear you need to get more out of your smartphone or camera. Whether you are a filmmaker, vlogger, journalist, YouTuber, photographer, or hobbyist: everyone can contact them. MOJOGEAR supplies consumers but also companies and media organizations. And they are going to make one winning team happy at the Quiz Night XL on June 8 with 5 brand new mini Evo power banks!

Next Level Escape Room

Next Level Escape Room Eindhoven will support Quiz Night XL by giving away a team ticket for escape room: ‘The Suspicious Farmhouse’. That sounds quite exciting!

John, the owner of an old farm, has gone missing. Inside, traces of blood and violence were found. Nobody knows what happened. It is your job to discover what really went done in the farmhouse. Suit up, grab your tools and investigate the suspicious farmhouse. You have 60 minutes to solve this case. Will you be able to unravel the secrets of the farmhouse and solve the case? One lucky team gets to go on the mission for free!

The Riddle Room

We have another brand-new sponsor this year for Quiz Night XL! The Riddle Room is sponsoring one escape game for a team who finishes in the top 42.
The rooms of The Riddle Room in Best, near Eindhoven, are full of mysteries and secrets you can unravel through solid puzzles. Is your team smart enough to escape within sixty minutes?

The Riddle Room can put together an excellent varied program for both companies and private meetings, combined with food or other activities such as a museum visit or a meeting or presentation.

Van Piere goodiebag!

We assembled the ultimate Van Piere, the largest general bookstore in Eindhoven and the surrounding areas, goodie bag. A handy cotton bag to put all your stuff in, a book: A thousand things about Holland. A second book in Dutch: Wat als? And 2 books about Eindhoven: one about architecture and a time to momo. We certainly can’t wait to read them. What about you?

Show our sponsor some love and bring a visit to the lovely bookstore Van Piere! We also hope to see you on June 8 at Quiz Night XL. Here you will have a chance of winning the goodie bag filled with great books.

Dance styles at Parktheater

All quizzers will get a chance to win 5 tickets to the amazing show Dorian at Parktheater! In this show you will see different dance styles merge in a surprising way into a vibrant mix of hip-hop and ballet.

Parktheater Eindhoven is one of the larger theaters in the Netherlands and reaches about 200,000 visitors from Eindhoven and the surrounding area every year with a broad program of about 400 performances per theater season. There is something for everyone. From a family friendly outing to opera, stand-up, urban dance and much more!

Free food and drinks at Biergarten

Jawohl! Soon the German concept Biergarten, which has been popular in Rotterdam for 10 years, will come to Eindhoven Strijp S! And how cool is it if you and your Quiz Night XL team can celebrate your victory with some tasty beers and a delicious snack? You and your friends can enjoy the super fun atmosphere when Biergarten opens sometime in May. Wooden benches, lights everywhere, and beer mugs will make Biergarten one of the nicest places in Strijp S. We are going to make a Quiz Night XL team very happy with free burgers, fries and 10 tankards with beer of your choice.

Cocktails at Ketelhuis Strijp S

One of Eindhoven’s gems is Ketelhuis Strijp S, and we are very proud to announce that they are sponsoring a prize for a Quiz Night XL team. Will you join our great science and technology quiz? Then you and your team have a chance to win vouchers for 2 cocktails per person at Ketelhuis Strijp S. Cheers!

The Ketelhuis was built in the early 1930s to provide energy for the surrounding factories. They still do that now but for guests! Ketelhuis has been the heart of Strijp S since 2011, where food, drinks, surprises and fun are always central.

Music at Effenaar

One of the best quiz teams will receive 5 tickets to see singer Steffen Morrison perform on October 22 at Effenaar. The smooth yet raw music of Steffen Morrison echoes the old soul sound of greats such as James Brown, Otis Redding, and Marvin Gaye. Although the singer also grew up with the rock & roll of The Rolling Stones. After rave reviews on the latest album: Soul Revolution (2020), the sequel will be released in May: Self-Made. The impressive result of Steffen’s search for his most personal songs. With a convincing live reputation and single ‘Positivity’ as a guiding principle, he will put on a rousing soul show on Sunday, 22 October, at Effenaar.

Van Moll Fest 2023

Let us introduce you to Van Moll Fest, an international craft beer festival. This is an experience for all your senses. Every year Van Moll creates the most beautiful beer festival in the Netherlands. With the best (inter)national brewers, beers, delicious food, and uplifting music. For the 12th edition of Quiz Night XL they are sponsoring 5 tickets for Van Moll Fest 2023, including 2 coins.

100 Watt beer packages!

Please welcome our lovely sponsor: 100 Watt. The 100 Watt brewing team brew beers with character and are not afraid to experiment. The great thing about brewing beer is that almost anything is possible, from surprising brewing techniques, excessively retarded ingredients, brewery collaborations with each other, and barrel aging; they like to apply it all. 100 Wattt has already received several awards, and are very proud of this. There is always something new to discover in the beers of 100 Watt Brewery, which ensures that every beer is worth tasting! For the 12th edition of Quiz Night XL 100 Watt is giving away 5 6-pack gift packages for one team. Cheers!

Coffee Experiences

Like last year, we are so happy to announce Coffee Experiences to be our sponsor at Quiz Night XL. Not one, but two teams will get a chance to win 5 tickets for a super fun and tasty Coffee Experience!

During a visit to the Coffee Experiences store, they will take you into the world of coffee cultures, the history and origin of coffee, and many different taste experiences. The company does this on the basis of stories and demonstrations, but you will also be put to work yourself. During the hour and a half, you can taste various coffees and coffee preparations. From a pour-on filter coffee to an original Dutch Cold Drip and there’s even an alcohol-free coffee cocktail on the menu!

Make sure to check out Coffee Experiences and show them some love!

Monk Bouldergym

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Monk Bouldergym! Their bouldering adventure is top-notch, and we can’t wait for you to experience it. Monk Eindhoven is an easily accessible and spacious hall. With more than 700 m2 of climbing walls spread over two floors, a training area, and a spacious café, this is the place to be for bouldering. Monk has boulders for experienced climbers and for beginners from 6 years old. Are you planning to come bouldering for the first time in Monk? Check out their website for all of the details.

Monk Bouldergym is a brand that we can proudly stand behind and we have no doubt that our prize winners are going to have a great time there!

Adventure at Motion!

Be amazed by our sponsor: Motion Imagination Experience. Motion is an immersive experience that takes the visitor into an imaginary world of images, sound and interaction. This unique combination stimulates your senses and lets you escape reality for a while. Discover, laugh and be amazed. Experience this new adventure and be surprised by light shows with compelling music and huge floor projections. Are you ready for Motion? Try your best to win this prize at the 12th edition of Quiz Night XL at Klokgebouw Eindhoven!

One heat of karting

Hezemans Karting is joining us as a prize sponsor for Quiz Night XL, and they’re giving away one heat of karting to one lucky team who finishes in the top 42! Hezemans Indoor Karting is the Dutch indoor karting track of top driver Mike Hezemans. The circuit in Eindhoven is one of the most spectacular and challenging in Europe but also one of the safest. The Indycar-inspired safety barriers offer a level of safety that far exceeds ordinary crash barriers. Nowadays they are fully electric, so not only are the new karts greener, but also faster! Hezemans Indoor Karting is the ideal location for a staff outing, children’s party, or free karting.

Philips Museum tickets

Meet our amazing prize sponsor Philips Museum! Can you call yourself and your team the Quiz Night XL champions? Then you will also receive free entrance tickets for the Philips Museum as part of the grand prize. In the middle of Eindhoven is the old factory where Gerard Philips produced his first light bulbs in 1891. Here is the modern Philips Museum, which takes you into the story of the company. You see how Philips plays an important role in social changes with innovative technology. First with electric light, later with radio, television, and the arrival of the digital age. And right now, Philips is at the forefront of major healthcare revolutions.

Drinks and bites at O’Shea’s

Are you soon participating in the 12th edition of Quiz Night XL on the 8th of June? Maybe are you and your team lucky enough to receive gift vouchers from O’Shea’s Irish Pub! O’Shea’s is offering one top 42 team a voucher of €75,00 for some nice food, beers, whiskeys, wine or gin, and tonics to celebrate their success at Quiz Night XL! You can also order delicious and hearty pub food with your drinks. O’Shea’s offer something for everyone; relax with a drink, watch your favorite sports or dance to music in the weekends!

Hoogste Tijd

Another team will get a chance to win a gift certificate of €75,00 for the groovy and homey bar Hoogste Tijd. Good times are closer than you think. At Hoogste Tijd you can enjoy some tasty snacks or a main dish like a burger, steak, curry or pasta. In the weekends you can dance here to excellent music. DJ’s on the weekends, music theme nights, new friends, old friends and a cozy vibe. What more could you possibly ask?

Escape game in the city!

Our sponsor Laser Quest Eindhoven has got a quest for you! You go undercover as spies of W.I.S.E. armed with a suitcase full of secrets and an iPad. The company Spider Tech wants to take control of humanity. They have developed a virus that gives them control over people. Only your successful completion of this game can stop them! Can you stop Spider Tech in time and save the world? Operation Mindfall is an outdoor escape game where a mix is made between a city walk, geocaching, and puzzles like in an escape room. 2 teams can win this fun activity at Quiz Night XL! Will you be one of them? 

Van Moll beer packages!

Our sponsor Van Moll is crazy about beer, so they brew it. Van Moll believes beer is about much more than a balanced taste. It’s about stimulating your senses. That’s why Van Moll gives the same attention and dedication that they provide to their beers to everything that happens outside the glass. For example, Van Moll adds extra ingredients such as art, music, food, film, and fun & educational reading material. Van Moll boosts your beer experience, time after time! On June 8 you have the opportunity to win delicious beer packages for yourself and your team.

Technology expo at Evoluon

You probably know Evoluon in Eindhoven. But did you know they have an outstanding exhibition about technology named RetroFuture? Two lucky teams from the Quiz Night XL top 42 get to go to this must-see expo for free! The Evoluon is a beautiful and multifunctional event location in Eindhoven. In addition to the unique combination of theater and exhibition floor, the iconic building immediately appeals to the imagination. Evoluon’s RetroFuture expo has been extended until September. In ten tunnels full of fiction and facts, the visions of yesterday’s thinkers of the future can be seen, experienced and felt.

Van Abbe Museum tickets!

The Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven is one of the leading museums for contemporary art in Europe. And we are proud to present them as our sponsor for the Quiz Night XL. The museum has an extensive international collection of over 3,400 works of art, including key works by Joseph Beuys, Patricia Kaersenhout, Paul McCarthy , Pablo Picasso, Lidwien van de Ven, and so much more. A source of wonder, inspiration, and imagination. Come quiz at the Quiz Night XL on June 8 and try to win free tickets to the Van Abbemuseum!

Theater de Schalm

One of the lucky teams of Quiz Night XL can already mark the next team outing in their calendars! Theater de Schalm in our nearby Veldhoven offers 5 tickets for their monthly ‘Rootsclub’ on October 26. Every 4th Thursday of the month, you can enjoy intimate Americana, Country, Folk, and Singer-songwriter shows. The sponsored tickets will get you to Ordinary Elephant, who became ‘Artist Of The Year’ at the International Folk Music Awards. With their latest album Honest (2019), which was internationally regarded as one of the best Americana albums of the year, the duo definitively established themselves in the international Americana world.

Zero by Cara del Dante

Let us introduce you to author and sponsor Cara del Dante. Cara is giving away 5 signed copies of the book ‘’Zero.’’ The thriller contains exciting chapters and is easy to read. You will finish it in no time! Katherine is in the midst of an existential crisis when she is forced to find justice for her best friend and her daughters, who have suffered terrible abuse at the hands of a psychopath mastermind and his beloved puppet. With the help of an artificial intelligence device named ‘Zero’ – who finds its own humanity throughout this painful journey – and Peter, a military veteran, Katherine uncovers a sick and twisted world around those she loves the most.


If you are a movie fanatic and you live near Helmond, you must know our new sponsor De Cacaofabriek. De Cacaofabriek screens numerous quality films. For the current program, you can look at their website under the tab ‘movie’. Under this expected page, you will find the films that are expected in De Cacaofabriek. The new film program for the coming week starts every Thursday, in which films will also premiere on Thursday. Free seat choices are used in De Cacaofabriek. So you can choose your seat yourself when the doors open. Who knows, your team may soon be the lucky winner of 5 free movie tickets!

Hubbly Bubbly Brew games

Our Quiz Night XL just got even better with Eppo Stripspeciaalzaak as a prize sponsor. They are generously offering 5 Hubbly Bubbly Brew games to one lucky team who finishes in the top 42 of the quiz! You may already know Eppo, which has been located in the heart of Eindhoven on the Kleine Berg for more than 45 years. Always recognizable by the red rocket outside when they are open. Specialized in comics, both Dutch and English manga and comics. But they also have all kinds of related items such as figurines, Funko pops, card- and board games. Nice and cozy just as you would expect. So pay a quick visit to our prize sponsor and show them some appreciation.


At Snookertown in Helmond you can play snooker – no surprise there! But you can also join them for a fun game of billiards, darts, shuffleboard, footpool and much more! Two lucky teams will get a voucher for every team member to enjoy those shiny pool tables for free!

Kleine Café

We would like to present Kleine Café. This beautiful bar is sponsoring 5 high-quality cocktails for one of the Quiz Night XL prize winners. In Kleine Café you can play a game while enjoying a craft beer, cocktail, and/or live music. Join the Quiz Night XL on June 8 at the Dutch Technology Festival and try to win the cocktail gift voucher for this terrific bar.


We are super excited to present one of our amazing sponsors. Glowgolf Eindhoven is supporting Quiz Night XL with 5 tickets to the glow-in-the-dark minigolf experience. Glowgolf is a super fun activity for the whole family or, for example, a company outing or bachelor party. The theme is “Adventure.” You play mini golf in an amazing fluorescent setting. Be amazed by the Aztec temple, spaceships, the Deep Sea zone, and the Jurassic zone. The 18-hole course is full of beautiful decor pieces, and the many obstacles challenge you to hit a hole-in-one.

NEMO Museum

You probably know the NEMO Science Museum. But did you know they have a super fun Science Studio for adults? The Studio is an additional location of NEMO Science Museum. The location is a laboratory for working with partners and the public on accessible and interactive programs about scientific and technological developments. The Studio is the former gymnasium of the marines, and during the renovation they tried to work as sustainably as possible, because circularity is central to De Studio. We are so excited to have them on board! Will you be the winner of the 5 NEMO Studio tickets? Try your luck on June 8 at Quiz Night XL!

How To Build An Iron Man Suit

If you like superheroes, you definitely will like this prize for the Quiz Night XL top 3 winners! Author, superhero scientist, and enthusiastic science communicator Barry W. Fitzgerald is giving away one book for every team member who finishes first, second, or third in the Quiz Night XL competition. In ‘How to Build an Iron Man Suit,’ Dr. Barry W. Fitzgerald introduces the key details that you need to consider when you decide to build your own Iron Man-like suit.

Mooie Boules!

If you are lucky enough to get to the top 42 you will perhaps receive a free 45-minute game of boules for 4 – 8 people at Mooie Boules Eindhoven. This incredible venue in the heart of Eindhoven offers a bar, a restaurant, karaoke, board games, and jeu de boules for a fun night out! Who is going to be the jeu de boules champion from your QNXL team? After all this effort, you can unwind to enjoy a nice drink and chat.

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