The Future of Quiz Night XL

While it’s bittersweet to share, Quiz Night XL will not be taking place in June at Klokgebouw this year (2024).

However, this is not a farewell, but rather an opportunity for evolution and reinvention! Our dedicated team is currently exploring various avenues to bring Quiz Night XL back, in a fresh, hybrid format that promises to be even more engaging and dynamic.

Read more about the big news regarding Quiz Night XL’s future in our latest post.

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Quiz Night XL 2023!

On Thursday, June 8th, 2023, Quiz Night XL returned to Klokgebouw as an official part of the Dutch Technology Festival! The 12th edition of this festival, dedicated to the celebration and promotion of technology, took place from 8 – 10 June. Just as in 2022, the #DutchTechFest featured the most amazing and innovative technology stories. The high-tech industry delivers a lot of great performances, and we are very proud of that! To share this pride with the next generation of bright minds, companies, knowledge institutes and the government work together to present a festival full of technological surprises. During the Dutch Technology Festival, everyone can see, feel, and experience how promising and stimulating it is to contribute to inventions that change the world.

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Latest news

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