Looking back at Quiz Night XL 2017

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Over 1200 people, in teams of 5, participated in this 6th edition of Quiz Night XL on May 18th at Klokgebouw, Eindhoven. A great success, as was the entire Dutch Technology Week, with a grand total of over 37.000 visitors

As always, we welcomed a great many teams from TU/e, Philips and ASML, as well as over 40 other companies who took on the challenge. A big thank you goes out to this year’s partners; Simac, Eindhoven 365, Study Portals, Punch Powertrain and Vanderlande!

This year’s quiz offered 50 challenging questions about math, physics, biology, technology, chemistry and a special section about Eindhoven innovations. The quiz was hosted by Number 42’s Julinka van Keulen and resident Professor Maarten Steinbuch. Before the quiz started, players got to marvel at many cool science & tech demos in our Tech Play Ground. This year’s photo booth was another great hit as well, as you can tell by the many fun pictures up on Facebook.

The competing teams battled for the top prizes, all donated by companies in and around Eindhoven. But, as with every quiz, there can only be one true winner. For the first time in Quiz Night XL history, an ASML team won eternal fame and glory. Winning team ‘ProdMonsters’ consisted of Lisanne Coenen, Daan Hoppener, Dennis Meertens, Guus Vermijs and Yoran Zonneveld. The ‘ProdMonsters’ will be enjoying a very special ride in Ministerie van Defensie’s hot air balloon. Congratulations to our ASML winners! Curious how all the teams did? Check our ranking here!

Many of our participants have joined Quiz Night XL for years in a row. Where would Quiz Night XL be without its fans? Such fantastic crowd; lots of smiles, a great atmosphere and plenty of humor. We witnessed an array of fantastic team names, ranging from hidden advertisement to indecent proposals and we even got Rickrolled!

A big thank you also goes out to the many, many people who helped us make Quiz Night XL 2017 another great success – in particular Barry Fitzgerald, Guido de Greef and the enthusiastic students from Sint Lucas.

Thanks to all for joining, we’re looking forward to seeing you all again next year at Quiz Night XL 2018!

Quiz Night XL 2017